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Игра GiAnt скоро будет удалена из Steam. UPD: Удалена

Игра GiAnt скоро будет удалена из Steam

В сообществе игры Steam появилась новость от разработчика:


Hi Everyone, Let’s talk…

As I continue my Game Development path there is one lingering bump in the road that I shudder when anyone mentions it… GiAnt. «A great concept, that never lives up to it’s promise.» That was once a review of GiAnt, and it’s honesty is spot on.

GiAnt was the first game I ever released under the ‘Wreck Tangle Games’ name, and although it will always remain in my heart, it’s also become a bit of a dampener when the ‘Wreck Tangle Games’ name creeps up in conversation. It was a game that possibly I shouldn’t have released, I should have saved it as a practise run before the next game became the first release.

I learnt so much from GiAnt, true, but as my game development path continues to get stronger, I don’t think GiAnt expresses my abilities as a developer now. If a new player found GiAnt first, I am damn sure that they wouldn’t play any more Wreck Tangle’s games.

Therefore I have made the decision to remove GiAnt from Steam, and any other store it is featured on.

This has been a hard decision, but I truly believe it’s the right one.

For everyone who has bought GiAnt, thank you so much for giving a small indie developer a chance. Game Development has become my life in the last few years, and I have no plans on slowing up!

Here’s to WTG’s future releases.


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